In the 1930s, Jane Templeton and partner created a company called DON RUSEAU, selling French antiques and antique reproductions in New York.  At the same time, MANHEIM became a company importing English antiques in New Orleans. Over the years, both companies developed reputations as the preeminent producers of antique reproductions and custom-made furniture. The companies’ artisan and design traditions have been handed down for three generations; crafting pieces from the finest materials — from rich hardwoods and exotic veneers to premium finishes — and with the most time-honored techniques.

In the 1990s, DON RUSEAU and MANHEIM merged as MANHEIM RUSEAU operating out of Dallas. Jamie Brown, the grandson of Jane Templeton, purchased the family business and continued in the tradition of making antique reproductions and providing the Interior Design Industry with high-end custom design capabilities. The designs and style range from Traditional through Deco into today's modern. In the same exquisite style with which the companies began.

Holly Hunt was a client of Don Ruseau in the 1980s and purchased a Louis XVI Dining table and Barstools for a very particular client. Years later, in 2006, Holly was searching for a high-quality casegood manufacturer and she turned to MANHEIM RUSEAU because of its quality of product and finish for her own collection. After a few years of successful collaboration and producing some of the finest modern furniture on the market HOLLY HUNT and MANHEIM RUSEAU formed a strategic relationship. The new partnership is HH RUSEAU.

The combination of HOLLY HUNT’s modern design with MANHEIM RUSEAU’s deep history of craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and traditional furniture allow HH RUSEAU to provide clients with the widest range of custom furniture in the country.